2019-20 Capacity Reservation Service Rate Review

This review is necessary because SaskPower’s existing rates did not allow the utility to recover the fixed costs associated with having its electricity system available to provide industrial self-generation customers with back-up and ancillary services. To correct this, the Power Class Capacity Reservation Service (CRS) rate has been implemented on an interim basis effective January 1, 2020.

Without the new CRS rate, costs not recovered by SaskPower’s industrial self-generation customers would have to be recovered from all other SaskPower customer classes.

On January 17, 2020 the Minister of Crown Investments requested that the Panel (see link to Minister’s letter) monitor a review process initiated by SaskPower to confirm a new Power Class Capacity Reservation Service Rate Structure to accommodate industrial customers who want to self-generate the majority of their required power on site.

Elenchus Research Associates have been chosen to undertake this review with the final report to be submitted by March 31. The Panel will provide the Minister with an opinion on the reasonableness of the process used to review this new rate structure.

More information on this review can be found on SaskPower’s website at 2019-20-Capacity-Reservation-Service-Rate-Review


The Panel welcomes public participation as part of its review process. You can contact the panel using any of the following methods:

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